Arctic Spray Trip to Northern VA

One of The Practice Rinks for the Washington Capitals


We started out on Thursday morning bright and early, both eager to hit the road and make some sales. Our very first stop was a pharmacy in Nellysford named Stoney Creek Pharmacy. We met a wonderfully nice woman names Cheryl who sat with us and talked about Arctic Spray for the better part of thirty minutes. She was very impressed and even took our sample around the whole store and had all of her employees try it.

From there we marched our way north from Forest in Southern Virginia where we are located to our stopping point in Tysons Corner in Northern VA. Along the way we met a few very nice and unique people who made our trip very worthwhile. We stopped in Stanardsville, Madison, Culpeper, and Scottsville. Finally made it all the way up to Tysons Corner which was our ending point for our first day, both of us were exhausted from a long day on the road but very excited about how well the day went.

Not everything along the way went as smoothly as we had planned. After visiting our first few pharmacies we were ready to continue north towards our final destination in Tysons. Unfortunately our GPS lost signal in an area that we were less than familiar with. Being men, we had no need for directions or a map since we always know how to get to where we are going we decided to continue on the road we were on, knowing that we would find our route soon enough. As we thought a sign for 29 North soon appeared and we knew all was well, or so we thought. It turned out that the road we were on was heading south and we ended up back tracking about an hour in the wrong direction. Undeterred we pressed on; crossing our fingers and hoping the rest of the day would go as planned.

On our second day we skirted the Northern DC and Virginia going to places like Falls Church, Fairfax, and Alexandria. We made some very good contacts along the way and got some very encouraging feedback from all of the people that we spoke with. It was a long day on the road that proved to be more than worth the trip. One of the unique things we were able to do before we came back home was visiting at the Kettler Capitals Iceplex located at the Ballston Common Mall in Arlington, which is the training facility for the Washington Capitals. It was a very cool experience to walk through the facility where one of the top NHL teams goes through their paces. Unfortunately the team was traveling so we were unable to speak with any of the players but still it was a very unique experience.

Of course as we experienced on our first day not everything goes as planned. A large part of our journey on Friday took us into what we thought was Little China. We stopped in a few places where there was what you would call a language barrier. Since neither I nor my colleague speaks any Chinese we were a bit lost and unfortunately unable to connect with some of the nice people we met there. Long story short we both decided that we may need to pick up a copy of Rosetta Stone for our next adventure.

One of the best parts of the trip was a stop at P. F. Chang’s Chinese restaurant in Tysons Corner. I myself had never been there but I will say I was very impressed! First off the food was incredible, I haven’t had any better Chinese food than the food I had there on Thursday night. On top of great food the service was phenomenal; the people there at P. F. Chang’s took great care of us and I plan on going back very soon.

We plan on taking more trips of this nature in the future and plan on informing through the blog and our other venues such as Facebook and Twitter where we will be going and hopefully when we will be there. If we are ever going to be in your area and you would like to meet or speak with us let us know and we will do our best to make arrangements.  Keep looking for Arctic Spray to be in a pharmacy near you and if you are interested in ordering our information is available!

Here are a Few Pictures we took a long the way and a slideshow you can click through at the bottom…


As much as we want to act like everything was perfect…. These dumpsters were also part of our beautiful view from our hotel room.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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